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cute valentines day present idea for my boyfriend?

i really need help on this one. we have been going out for 5 months and this is going to be our first valentines day together. we are both 16 years old. i have no clue on what to get him. we are going to his house and watch movies on saturday(valentines day) any ideas? girls and guys opinions needed. thanks.

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3 Responses to “cute valentines day present idea for my boyfriend?”

  1. lulouvonschnapple said:

    well if he likes chocolate get him some of that
    i think he’d like it if you made him his favorite kind of cupcakes with some white (but dyed red with food coloring) or chocolate frosting on top (depending what kind of flavor cake is) and put some of those candy hearts on them with the sayings. idk i think thats a cute idea

    hope it helps and have fun!

  2. shaebbyx03 said:

    well you should have put a bit more info in here what he likes?
    where he shops?
    but try
    go to the dollar tree fill a cute basket with a bunch of valentines day stuff heart candies a card ect.
    then go get him a gift card to his favorite store and put that in the basket too.

  3. Kianna A said:

    get him something he really wanted or likes like a jersey or a fitted hat.
    you could always just be classic and get him a card a teddy bear and a little love letter telling him why you like him.

    THX. for answering my question!

  4. andzy.chanf said:


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