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What is a really cute Valentines day gift idea for him?

Any cute things you guys did for your boyfriend? As a birthday present, valentines day, anniversary? Gift that comes from the heart? I wanna hear some cute stories =)

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3 Responses to “What is a really cute Valentines day gift idea for him?”

  1. Prompt said:

    I have V-day every day…I always say love to my girlfriend. so no gift is neccessary

  2. Manju . said:

    watch s the best

  3. Michael C said:

    If you want to see some really cute gifts, especially cards and other paper crafts, I suggest checking out The Valentine’s gallery is full of homemade cards and crafts wives, mothers, and girlfriends made their significant other this valentine’s day.

    I was single, so I didn’t get nor made anything, but I’m used to be single on V-Day. Just need to be hopeful for the next year.


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