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what is a cute idea for valentines day for my boyfriend of 7months?

i have been dating my boyfriend for 7 months now and we are truely in love. i dont want it to sound cliche but we really are. I have known him for a few years now and we have always been best friends and reciently started dating.. i want to do something for him that is adorable but not a classic idea like dinner and a movie. Any suggestions?

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6 Responses to “what is a cute idea for valentines day for my boyfriend of 7months?”

  1. AM said:

    Go ice skating, or have a little “picnic” indoors by candlelight. Do something with food, because guys LOVE food. Maybe cook for him? I am going to bake some of my boyfriend’s favorite cookies, and cook some ‘comfort’ foods that he loves. A man with a full stomach is a happy man 🙂

  2. Lena said:

    Last weekend i wanted to do something romantic for my hubby so i like set up a candle lit dinner in our bedroom and ordered his favorite pizza, thn after i had a bunch of nerf guns and silly string and we just acted like kids for a night, he said his favorite part was the nerf war…. Guys love doin “guy stuff” with there girl, try and make it something you think he would just have fun with.

  3. velvetca1972 said:

    What is his fav activity? Something you might not normally join in on, join in …. make a play date, laser tag, amusement park, mini golf…. fancy dinner is a woman’s idea of a good time.. but not necessarily a man’s.

  4. Sky Witch said:

    Make him a Valentine’s Day gingerbread house and buy him a new or good condition cast iron horseshoe without rust with the U shape facing up for good luck.

  5. emmiegsmom said:

    Aren’t you the same person who said that you have AIDS and have been having unprotected sex with your boyfriend and he doesn’t know that you have this? Are you freken kidding me? And you have the nerve to worry about a Valentines Day present? How about an Aids test? Or better yet, a prison cell!

  6. person said:

    bahaha emmiegsmom……… just made my life


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