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valentines idea part 2.. Cute or not…?

okay i know i asked this before but… I want to do something sweet and cute for my boyfriend… I have an idea to go get like a Big balloon that says happy valentines day on it then get like regular white and red baloons to match it then put it in his truck for when he wakes up in the morning… Then put a big teddy bear in the truck with it…. Then later that day give him some dallas cowboys stuff cuz he likes the dallas cowboys… do you think its a good idea… then maybe put some fake rose pettels in his truck to be a little romantic…. whats a good idea…?

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5 Responses to “valentines idea part 2.. Cute or not…?”

  1. hollie W said:

    cute…make a cd and pop it in there too…or if you cant make one they have some cute ones at starbucks right now…have fun!

  2. karena k said:

    Guy’s dont like balloons and teddy bears!
    If he likes the Dallas Cowboy’s so much why dont you dress up as a cheerleader for him. I am sure he’d love that!!!!!

  3. pursuit_of_happyness said:

    that sounds really cute…very thoughtful and sweet! 🙂 ..he will like it. 🙂

  4. shestheman1994 said:

    that’s an awesome idea…not only will you have fun making it but he’ll have a sweet surprise when he gets to his truck that morning….and definitely go with the petals…

  5. Pam G said:

    I think that is a GREAT idea. I might borrow it. Maybe instead of a teddy bear put something else like a gift he can use. Or put the cowboys shirt or hat on the teddybear.


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