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Valentines day date outfit help?

I seriously need help picking an outfit for my date on valentines day. I prefer dresses over pants and I live in New York where it’s freezing! And I was looking at some red dresses but I don’t know if it’s too cheesy? Can someone help pick out me something to wear? There’s three shopping malls where I live and that doesn’t include outlets. So stores aren’t a problem. Whoever really helps me out will deff get 10 points before I go to bed! :]

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9 Responses to “Valentines day date outfit help?”

  1. Jazzy said :

    I say where the damn dress be fly and gorgeous just get some leg-ins thick though so you don’t freeze and a reaLLY CUTE SWEAT jacket there way warmer then jean .

  2. Alexandra B said :

    I know pants keep you warm but try tights! I’d go with black tights under a cute flowy dress. You could also put a nice cardigan over the dress to have layers. Red wouldn’t be cheesy. I wouldn’t go with anything too bold or flashy. Go with a simple dress in a flattering cut. Pair it with the tights and some bootie heels or black pumps. It will elongate your legs. I’m a big fan of American Eagle and they have some new dresses for spring…and they are not too expensive. Also try Charlotte Russe for really inexpensive cute dresses.

  3. kkayona said :

    I would say like, a red strapless mini dress with a black (or white or whatever) cardigan and some skinny jeans.. maybe some cute flats or even heels? i don’t really know your personal style, but thats how i would do it!
    good luck 🙂

  4. Kristen C said :

    I say find a nice long-sleeved, black (or other dark colored) dress (American Apparel or Urban Outfitters probably have them) and wear some black/dark grey leggings with it. You’ll look sexy and not cheesy at all! Whatever you wear, just be confident!! I’m sure you’re date will love you no matter what 🙂 Good luck!

  5. Bella Crowley said :

    Try Betsey Johnson! There’s this really cute red/black velvet dress in the sale section on the website, but all of the dresses are very cute and fun. Good luck!

  6. Linz said :
  7. Kettingzaag said :

    Something red. Red is the colour of love:P

  8. chicken1202 said :

    Wear your red dress with black tights and some hi red or black boots and a long coat over every thing and you will be a knockout. ( believe me your date will remember you for years to come) red boots would look best

  9. Koko N said :


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