tell me if this a good idea for valentines day to get her?

iv been seeing this girl for about 2 months and heading towards starting to go somewhere…so im planning to get reservations to a fancy restaraunt…and get her flowers. sounds good? im not sure if i should inlcude a gift.

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12 Responses to “tell me if this a good idea for valentines day to get her?”

  1. pucker head said:

    Yeah, go for the whole package. Get her jewelry, they love that stuff.

  2. adribug354 said:

    If it’s only been 2 months, dinner and flowers are plenty. Don’t forget a card though! That’s important.

  3. Pamarama said:

    You are on the right track. Flowers – definitely. A romantic dinner – definitely. That should work for a two month relationship. One tip: don’t forget the Valentine’s Day card. Buy or make a real card.

  4. Michelle B said:

    this is perfect….a gift is a nice idea but nothing too heavy….maybe her favourite perfume. you’re on the right track anyway…good luck.

  5. cherha01 said:

    That is so sweet!

    If you can afford a small gift, go for it. Otherwise, flowers says a lot already!

  6. Tom P said:

    WEAK!… seem like a creative soul….good luck cheif

  7. skagrl82 said:

    No. You’ve been together only 2 months. I think that dinner and flowers will work out great. Maybe next year if the two of you are together, you could get something more meaningful. For now, I’m sure she’ll be estatic! Good luck & have fun!

  8. Dana W said:

    You are right on… Dinner is perfect. Flowers are a nice touch and a card is a must! Happy Valentine’s Day!.

  9. I Think I just got rejected!! :( said:

    Yes u should include a gift and take her to a SUPE3R fancy restaraunt…It sounds soo good!

  10. AvidRdr said:

    After two month, a nice dinner, flowers and a card are perfect.

    Jewelery or anything else expensive is over-doing it and might make her feel uncomfortable or make you look desperate.

    Don’t forget the card… Even if you just make one yourself. Tell her how you feel, we love that stuff!

  11. miami_candy_girl said:

    sounds good to me. A gift would b a plus.

  12. hhmmmm said:

    2months….may be a gift if u really feel like giving it and u feel that she’ll expect a gift from u.. but definitely not something very big or showy just a small present to express what u feel


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