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Never had time to pick up a valentines gift?

This girl i like brought me a cake for my birthday in school today. Im pretty sure she likes me too, but I never had time to get her a valentines gift. I feel horrible right now because I would feel bad if I didnt have anything to give her. What should I do for her for valentines day?

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5 Responses to “Never had time to pick up a valentines gift?”

  1. pinky-9 said:

    give her a rose… its cute
    and it shouldnt be so hard to get one

  2. scottp5657 said:

    You’re pretty screwed unless there’s a florist close to where you’ll see her.

  3. Jill T said:

    run to the gas station and get a bunch of candy bars and gum and give them to her with a hand written note about her being so “sweet” for remembering your birthday and you hope she has a happy valentine’s day. that would be nice 🙂

    Have a Happy Valentine’s Day !

  4. bella swan<3333 said:

    i love creative guys!!
    make her something like.. message in a bottle!
    get a glass bottle.. some nice paper..
    and write how you feel.. something that will make her
    feel like she’s the most important girl in your life!
    ( if that’s how you really feel ) message in a bottle
    is so secretive, romantic, mysterious, creative, & caring
    .. i would just love it if a guy made that for me! well whatever you do decide to give her..
    i hope she loves it! good luck!
    i hope your valentine’s day turns out how you planned ! 🙂

    ~Bella Swan <3333

  5. maJiCMan said:

    You will make time tomorrow, if it is important enough to you. Be yourself and use your imagination.



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