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My valentines idea for my boyfriend…?

We have only met about a month ago, and we have been official for a week. I know it doesn’t sound like much but we both really like eachother and it just seems so right! I have made a lot of mistakes in the past too so its not like im being naive.

Valentines day is coming up. I am unemployed so heres my idea. I will get him a cute hallmark card and explain how much i care about him and how happy i am we met. Also, im going to bake him chocolate chip cookies and decorate them with pink and red icing and stuff. We are probably going out to dinner then prob have some fun late 😉 haha how’s that sound? i’m 17 and he’s 19.

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6 Responses to “My valentines idea for my boyfriend…?”

  1. i love him! said:

    yeah thats sounds good!
    good luck

  2. ~*There is No god But God~* said:

    it sound so niceeeeee, i dont know what i am doing as yet , so i cant share my ideasss

  3. LAB said:

    I like your enthusiasm for your feelings, that’s awesome!!! I also think you are on the right track with the cookies; guys love food, and the fact that you made them yourself is a perfect way to subtly express how much you care for him.

    However, if you’ve only been officially dating for a week, I would hold off a bit on the “how much you care about him”. I don’t mean to avoid showing emotion at all, just tone it down a bit so you don’t scare him by acting obsessive, and “we’re going to be together forever!”….yeah, a bit creepy. But DO tell him how happy he has made you. That way, you can’t go wrong.

    Have a Happy Valentines Day!!!

  4. Eve Rose said:

    sounds great! but one thing, chocolate ship cookies with frosting? wow, ive never tried that….you may want to test and see if its any good first, lol

  5. Fefa said:

    I think thats cute.I dnt have money either so i dnt know what to do for my girlfriend.Its weird i know she’s gonna get me something although i told her not 2 but i dont know what to do for her.I also need help lol

  6. ThRaShErR!!! said:

    your so nice my gf is nice but wouldnt bake cookies!
    that is awesome good luck and have fun im a boy-14
    too young too have a girlfriend. I KNOW


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