Ladies how is this for a valentines idea?

I’m gonna write my girl some lyrics, play the piano and sing them to the theme “Karma Police” by Radiohead, but with my own lyrics to her…then take her to a Restaurant and have them give her a dozen of roses while we eat that I will have left with them before hand…

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29 Responses to “Ladies how is this for a valentines idea?”

  1. *sapphire* said:

    awww thats so sweet lucky girl great idea

  2. sal gal said:

    awww thats amazing!!!

  3. ♥Queen of Hearts♥ said:

    awww that sounds very sweet, she’ll love it for sure!!

  4. softballbeast_14 said:

    that’s cute =]

  5. cutie next door said:

    that’s really sweet.
    im sure she’ll love it

  6. kaybabay ! said:

    the best. ever. yr an amazing boyfrann !

  7. Betty S said:

    very sweet, but I think you should give her the flowers in person

  8. hodgesgirl357 said:

    aww so sweet wish my girlfriend did that for me!

  9. rishathra7 said:

    I think that’s fantastic!!! She’ll remember it forever!

  10. designer K said:

    yeah thats pretty good.

  11. Jewel said:

    That is really sweet. She will love it.

  12. ballet-girl said:

    good idea! i would love that myself, if i had a boyfriend at the moment.

  13. sushi.rolls ♥ said:

    that’s really nice. i’m sure she’ll like it.

  14. Reverand [email protected] Boy said:

    Dude if you don’t get some it should be a crime!

  15. Merak-ı Hiba said:

    I personally wouldn’t like the first part but that’s just me, I’m sure most other girls would love it. The dining out + roses part is fantastic though!

  16. Sydney said:

    omg thats so sweet…omg…i wish i was her! lolz

  17. Valinka said:

    that is just so perfectly romantic!

  18. -summer- said:

    well it sounds kinda cliche’ but hey looks like everyone else thinks she’ll like it

  19. DR W said:

    And you planned ahead and didn’t wait until the last minute!

  20. !$!$Bz_Style_87$!$! said:

    I think that Is absolutely wonderful!! I know I would just melt, wow. Extremely romantic. Every girl needs A break from the harsh world now and then, So sweet. 🙂

  21. *_* Katerrr said:

    aww that is so cute, she will be very happy!

  22. hottiesrus31 said:

    tooo cuuuuuttttteeeee! she will love it!!!!!!!!

  23. Tibb-a-Dee said:

    if u did that for me ,i would be IN LOVE!!!!!!
    she’ll LUUUUUV it! but it would mean alot more if u give her the flowers yourself
    but not until u r going to drop her off & say u almost forgot…
    hope it works & she luvs it!

  24. TayTay_Luvs_U said:

    aww that’s sooo sweet!

  25. Lea said:

    Instead of going to restaurant, why dont you cook for her?

  26. Tusia said:

    Honestly? Makes me want to puke. I’d rather go riding a motorcycle, or go-carts, or skiing, or diving together. All those roses, lyrics etc make me sick, but that’s my personal taste, of course.

  27. Christy said:

    that sounds good, but something you might want to do is get them to give her the flowers in pieces, like a flower before the restaurant, a flower waiting at the table, a flower served with the salads, etc.

  28. shan-dog said:

    That’s really sweet. Your girlfriend is sooo lucky to have you!

  29. ??? said:

    That is really good idea, She’ll never want to let you go… Good on you !


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