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Opinions on this Valentines Day Idea? (Women only please!)?

A friend of mine recommended me here.

Anyhow Valentines Day is a few weeks away, and I have two good female friends that I want to show my thanks for, since they have been really good friends to me!

Some background info: The three of us are in the same college. Both of them are great friends to each other. However this semester they are not living together, complicating things slightly.

Here is my idea:

On the wee morning hours of Valentine’s Day (it’s on a Saturday IIRC), I will go to each of their apartments and with me I will have a yellow balloon (thinking of writing the word FRIEND on it) that will be tied to a small bag (Valentine’s Day kind). Inside of said bag will be some candy and one of those silly Valentine Day cards, with a little something written from yours truly. I am thinking to tie the balloon to their door knobs or something and hope nothing happens to them.

If it isn’t obvious, I am not trying to go out with either of them. Don’t want to make things awkward between us.

So tell me your opinion ladies. Improvements ? Suggestions? etc.

I appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

One of them lives in an apartment with 5 other girls, and other one lives in a sorority house…as you can imagine, i’d be a bit…shy if you know what I mean

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5 Responses to “Opinions on this Valentines Day Idea? (Women only please!)?”

  1. pyaramor37 said :

    if they live in an apartment building the gift will most likely be stolen but in a dorm there is a smaller chance of that happening.

    i really like the idea and it seems very friendly but also in a very heartfelt way. 🙂

    i think it does need to be hung on a door or something because if you just give the gifts to them, it will dampen the surprise.

  2. p_borino said :

    I think that’s a very nice idea. It would be a nice surprise for both of them. They wouldn’t get the wrong idea because the balloon would be yellow and you would have friend written on it. Very sweet.

  3. Stacy said :

    Someone might take it if you leave it there, I think you should take it at a time they’re awake and knock. Then, tie it onto their door and leave. But other wise that’s a really creative idea!

  4. nataliebradley18 said :

    If it where me and a long time friend came to my house and done that i would be a bit creeped out thinking does he like me or does he not i think you would be better just giving them something up front and telling them its a thankyou for being your friend!

  5. labadala l said :

    Although your idea is sweet and very creative, I don’t think it would have the desired effect for the following reasons:

    1) They both have too many roomates in the picture – each girl may not even receive the gifts, or if they do, they won’t be the first to see them and will most likely get teased by their housemates, just too many other people involved.

    2) Coming around the “wee hours” can be perceived as stalking or a bit creepy, again, if not by the girls in question, their roommates. It also tends to give the “wrong idea” regardless.

    Could you invite them both to lunch and present the goodies to each of them then? That would be more of a friend type thing and since you are inviting both girls at the same time and presenting a gift to each, less likely chance of either of them taking it the wrong way and becoming awkward. Good luck with this, again it is a sweet idea and hope this works out for you the way you want.


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