Is Valentine’s Day a good night to go out and pick up girls?

Ok so this is the first Valentine’s Day I have been single for a long time. Would it be a good night to go out to the bars to pick up girls? Would you say your more or less likely to pick someone up on Valentine’s Day?
vollyball_lover it probably would be haha

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8 Responses to “Is Valentine’s Day a good night to go out and pick up girls?”

  1. Ivor L said:

    i don’t know, but I would put money on the fact that lots of other single guys think the same. so it could be pretty crowded with guys, while lots of girls are having a romantic evening elswhere.

  2. volleyball.lover said:

    They will prolly think it’s a one night stand.

  3. TinkerBell2 said:

    Depends on where you go. Most of the time girls are out with their bf or husband because its valentines day and you want to spend it with someone you love. I guess if you do find someone like in a club or something, then make sure you let them know its not a one night stand.

  4. Cierra. said:

    yup there will be a lot of lonely girl out there wishing they had somebody. good luck out there dude.

  5. Nunya B said:

    Well if you do pick up a girl who’s alone on valentine’s day, keep in mind she is probably feeling more vulnerable than normal cause she’s alone on valentine’s day and so after the fact it may not be as genuine.

    Coming from a girls opinion it’s not a good idea

  6. Kanon said:

    It depends on where you go, in my opinion.
    I guess any “hot” girl wouldn’t have trouble finding
    a date on Valentine’s day so maybe it isn’t such
    a wonderful nightttt. Before Valentine’s day would
    have been better.

  7. Mick said:

    I think it may be easier, as many lonely girls feel uncomfortable being alone.
    On the other hand, I think it depends more on weather than if it is Valentines Day or not. Go out and try to pick one.
    Don’t forget to look into her eyes and DON’T wait for her to make the first move. You do it!

  8. Jon S said:

    its a great night to pick up girls. this is because the girls that don’t have a valentine go out in hopes that they will get picked up.

    the bars and clubs will be packed full of hot chicks.

    now go out and have some fun. 🙂


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