is this a sweet valentines idea?

ok so at my high school they sell carnations for valentines day. I really like this guy in one of my classes and this might seem early but I’m already starting to plan for prom so I was wondering what you all thought of this idea…
I was thinking of sending him a carnation that said, will you come to the senior prom with me? (he’s a junior btw) I thought it was a cute idea but I’m not sure what a typical guy would think.

Please give feedback!

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5 Responses to “is this a sweet valentines idea?”

  1. Kat said:

    I wouldn’t bring up the prom just yet.

  2. kbeaman13 said:

    I like it. Simple. To the point.

  3. CubanCutie said:

    Sounds like a great idea! I think he’ll like it!
    Good luck!!

  4. baby_monica said:

    i would get to know him better. don’t rush…

  5. strawberrytaurus said:

    That is such a sweet gesture and I love the idea of a girl asking the guy and the giving of the flower! However, boys, especially immature high school boys, might be a little embarrassed of the carnation. Something to consider. If you know him well enough to think he’ll be mature enough to take it well, go for it girl! Good luck!


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