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I need help writing a Spanish Valentine’s Day card for a friend.?

I’m making a Valentine Card for someone in my Spanish Class but I’m not sure what to say to them. Considering it is a second year class, our Spanish isn’t super great, but I thought it’d be fun to have a card in Spanish. He’s a nice, funny, fun, and just a friend.

Right now.. all I have is..
Feliz dia de San Valentin
(Happy Valentine’s Day)

I was thinking of adding
Tu eres una persona buena y amable.
(You’re a good person & you’re nice)

I’m not sure if my grammar is right..
but I’m not sure what else to say besides that..
Could anyone help me ?

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3 Responses to “I need help writing a Spanish Valentine’s Day card for a friend.?”

  1. yadira25 said :

    you can say Feliz dia de San Valentin! Ojala que te pases muy bien en este dia! te deseo que tengas mucha felicidad! te lo mereces!

    it means happy v-day i hope you have a good time on this day. i wish you much happiness, you deserve it!

  2. badbeaner14 said :

    How about
    Feliz dia de San Valentin,
    Tu eres una persona muy buena y amable,
    Eres un gran amigo,
    Estoy ganasa en dar te un mamon.

    Happy valentines day
    you are a very nice & lovable person
    you are a great friend
    i look forward to getting to know you.

    I think thats good for just a friend

  3. sdcashman said :

    1. Draw dark rain clouds at the top of the card.
    2. Draw rain.
    3. Draw a big umbrella.
    4. Draw a male and female under the umbrella holding the umbrella.
    5. Draw grass.
    6. Draw a bunch of hearts between under the umbrella and the grass.
    7. Write “Tu eres mi paraguas” above the umbrella in the rain.
    8. Write “Cuando estoy contigo” on the umbrella.
    9. Write “Nunca llueve” in the field of hearts.


    Tu eres mi paraguas=You are my umbrella
    Cuando estoy contigo=When I am with you
    Nunca llueve=Nunca llueve

    Buena suerte, y Feliz Dia de San Valentin


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