How long after you lost you mucous plug did you go into labor?

I had a stretch/membrane scrape on Thursday and lost my plug this morning. Any ideas on how long before I go into labor? I ‘ve had a few noticeable contractions, like they take my breathe away, but really nothing else. How can I keep the progress going?

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7 Responses to “How long after you lost you mucous plug did you go into labor?”

  1. rosieange said:

    keep active walk walk walk!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. kittyrat234b said:

    8:30pm and woke up with contractions at 3:30am.

    Just walking, drinking lots of water, alternating with rest periods, and eating well to keep up your strength.

  3. suthernjenn77 said:

    the time you could go into labor naturally varies quite a lot. the very best proven way to help speed along labor?? unfortunately, have sex. the hormones help speed up contractions and the males’ contribution helps soften up the cervix.

  4. Mrs.W said:

    i never lost myt mucous plug and i still went into labour, my friend lost hers and it took a furthur 2 and half wks – its different for everyone

  5. Dakotah Fayth will be here soon! said:

    I lost my mucus plug on Tuesday and Its Saturday and still havent had the baby! My doctor said some woman go in labor with-in hours or weeks of losing it. Good luck to you!

  6. Mum of 1, #2 due 7th march 09 said:

    I had the sweep done at 41w+4 was told if it didnt work within 72 hours i would have to go in the saturday evening to be induced.
    The saturday morning i lost my mucus plug arond 8.30 and was having constant contractions abot an hour after that and then was at the hospital in labour by 2pm that same day.
    Didnt actually have my daughter though till 1.34am the sunday morning.

    Once i past my due date i tried all the things possible such as, walking, sex, and loads of fresh pineapple.
    Fresh pineapple is meant to work a treat but didnt actually work for me!

    Also i was told by the lady that done my sweep theres only a 50/50 % chance that it works!

    Good Luck and fingers crossed for you.

  7. kenziesmom28 said:

    With my first I went into labor the same day. I am 39 weeks now with my 3rd and lost my mucus plug 3 weeks ago and have been dilated to 3 and at 0 station for a week now. Seems like it will never end.


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