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How is this Valentines Day Idea?

Ill pick her up give her a rose with a mini stuffed animal
First, reservations at a fine Mexican restaurant at about 5pm.
Next I reserved a room at a hotel with a jacuzzi. at about 8 for rest of night
With a bottle of blush wine she likes.

We are both 21, dating for 9 months. Yea we are comfy with the whole room thing.

I wanted to make our first Valentines Day special, and we love each other alot.
Am i going overboard for valentines day?

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9 Responses to “How is this Valentines Day Idea?”

  1. Yahoooo said:

    That sounds great, do it and good luck 🙂

  2. Blah said:

    omg its cute! :] go for it

  3. fatoosh said:

    Aww! Very special..she’ll love you for it

  4. Pheonix I3 said:

    See if she’s allergic to roses [and teddy bear stuffings] Find out if she has gas problems with mexican food[Gross, but very important, you don’t want her to be embarrassed, unless that’s what you’re into. :S] and GET THAT JACUZZI READY! 😀
    Good luck with the relationship and all. n.n

  5. Val said:

    it’s awesome shell tottaly love it good luck and don’t forget to say “I love you” and “happy valentines day”!!!

  6. Tip Top said:

    Thats nice…. get married.

  7. Mira said:

    loved the idea …sweet and romantic

  8. katie said:

    It sound great and im sure it will mean alot to her. I have one question how much do you know about her does she like roses or is there another flower she like (for examples lilly’s) if so get her those instead. My reason for this is dont go with the standard roses if there something else she like. Let her know that you listen and say i could have went with the standard roses but your not the standard girl let her know she special.

  9. New Girlfriend... said:

    sounds good, im sure she will feel special


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