How do i prank my girlfriend back?

Okay so. My girlfriend has been pranking me like no other and its getting on my nerves. I gotta find a way to get her back but i dont know what to do. I love her to death and dont want to hurt her but i want to do something that says “Paybacks a Bich” Got any ideas?

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13 Responses to “How do i prank my girlfriend back?”

  1. Nayeli R said:

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  2. getting marrierd 8-1-09 said:

    you don’t…. you grow up and get over it and move on with your life.

  3. Brandon B said:

    Punch Her In Her Chest And Cave It In.
    Then Say Pay Backs A Bitch And Btw, Its Over.

  4. sweet as... mandy!!! said:

    have one of your friends call her randomly some night and say that you got hit by a car or something after a basketball game. wait until she starts freaking out, and then you can get on the phone and tell her ta stop with the pranks.

  5. WeLiveWith said:

    You suck it up and act like it doesn’t bother you at all. Not acknowledging her pranks basically will have them backfire…and that’s a pretty good prank.

  6. NO PICTURE said:

    stand her up

  7. La P'tite Québecoise♥ said:

    Dont. Just dont. It can go badly. OH ALRIGHT. Get a maxi pad, pour food coloring on it, and put it in her purse!!! I didnt tell you that.

  8. firsttime said:

    Since you accept her and still love her deeply, you have chosen your life.

    Meet your fate!!!

    Why pranking each other if both are really loving & care of each other…
    That’s miserable type of life…

  9. sexy kitty vampire =) said:

    tell her the relationship is off and you were cheating on her and you don’t love her anymore than when she is freaking out just say and you know what paybacks a b****

  10. Adam said:

    Sit and talk with her. If you are (and her) older than 25 than you should both sit and talk with a professional.

  11. TJ said:

    Send pizza’s to her house.
    Call her house at the very wee hours of the morning.

  12. J3I23]/[Y said:

    Joe Brandon and No one have some lol ideas but i think mandy wood make the best point

  13. leah w said:

    Tell her you have crabs.
    No I’m kidding.
    If you want your relationship to have a solid foundation then you need to be able to talk to her. Just tell her as much as you love and care about her, and in the beginning you thought it was funny, it’s becoming too stressful for her to continue.
    If that doesn’t work:
    1. Fill her car and/or room with condoms
    2. Put jello in her bathtub
    4. Put Vaseline or honey on her toilet seat and the doorknob. That way she’ll you know get it on her and will have trouble getting the door open.
    5. Put forks in her yard
    6. Put saran wrap UNDER the toilet seat she sits on.
    7. Hide her car
    8. Dress emo/gansta/country anything you’re not and put on the persona it’ll freak her out
    9. Rearrange all the furniture in her room. If you can climb out her window DEFINITELY put all of it against the door.
    10. Vaseline her car door handle and steering wheel
    11. Set a REALLY loud alarm on her phone/clock for a heinous hour
    12. Buy a whole bunch of blank CD’s and break them wherever she keeps her CD’s and then take her CD’s away. She’ll think someone destoyed them.
    13. Tell her you’re gay
    14. Cut the crotch out of all her panties


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