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How can I get my ex girlfriend back, without sounding desperate?

It’s been two years since we split. And for some reason I feel like I’m still not completely over her. I haven’t been able to have a relationship since then and I find myself comparing all the girls I meet and date to her. We don’t really talk anymore and when we do it’s only for a little bit and nothing about feelings. Is there any way, without sounding needy or desperate, to begin talking to her again and hopefully lead us back into a relationship?

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6 Responses to “How can I get my ex girlfriend back, without sounding desperate?”

  1. kennybenny15 said:

    Get a new girlfriend. Pretend to be happier than you have ever been in front of her. She will get jealous that you are so happy without her.

  2. Chris said:

    @kennybenny and then what does he do with his new girlfriend, smartguy? no, the answer is you dont, just forget about it. damn.

  3. hahahhha said:

    don’t talk to her if you guys broke up and have been broken up or that long you’ll probably break up again if you get back together, just try and move on and forget about her because if you drag it out and try and get her back it will be harder to find someone better

  4. Jose said:

    Either get over her completely…or try to find her in person, and start a casual normal conversation and from there see if she seems interested…

    But it’s hard to do it on messenger because it will sound like you’re seeking her no matter what unless you find a way to begin talking to her indirectly

    Bes option is to fully forget about her…

  5. Pro-life said:

    If you want to see where she is at in the moment you are the one who has to do the deep talk about feelings and stuff. Just let her know what is on your mind. It might be hard. You never know she may still like you too. but if not just let it go.

  6. Adelina said:

    Maybe next time you guys talk keep it a friends only conversation, maybe ask her casually how does she feel about catching up over coffee or whatever, that’s pretty casual … well she is talking to you, maybe she has the same fears you have … in a situation like this, it is important to be honest about how you feel, either way you have nothing to loose … and then you can test the waters by simply going with the flow of the situation …. What if you do it symbolically?…maybe the next time you talk, maybe present your desire to reconnect through a song that you two danced to together, something that’s personal …. or maybe just send the message through a song …. so let’s say if you guys are talking through instant messanging, after having the conversation for some time, what if you send her a song with a certain meaning …. like this one, as an example.


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