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How Can I Win My Ex Girlfriend Back?

We went out for a year, and broke up about 2 weeks ago because she was upset (not with me) quite a bit in the last two months. She thought it was hurting all the time. She wants to talk and hang out tomorrow.

She wants to be friends still… But I have no idea how should go about getting her back.. I don’t know whether to tell her I still have feelings for her on the first day or get used to hanging out again first. What should I do?

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2 Responses to “How Can I Win My Ex Girlfriend Back?”

  1. Stalin H said:

    Get a job. and buy new clothes. Isn’t that what Rob would do?

  2. T Guy said:

    Hi Rob,

    Man, there are lots of things you can right away.
    Actually, to begin with, it is important to know
    what NOT to do. You wouldn’t believe how wrong
    most guys get this.

    Listen, I write about this stuff a lot, and I have
    helped many guys to get back their girlfriends.

    Check out some of my articles I have written, and
    be sure you look at my site in particular, as there
    is a video there which I think you’ll like.

    Good luck o/


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