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How to get my boyfriend back if he doesnt want to have anything to do with me( result)

How to get my boyfriend back if he doesnt want to have anything to do with me
i been dating this boy for 3 months now, he doesnt call i have to ask him to come over sometimes he says hes coming and then dont come , and other times he says hes busy, and sometimes he come.. he left his clothing in my room so no guy would come in my room, he lies says that he is one place but be another, but all in all he want the guys outside to think that im his shorty and dont want no one to mess with me.. all of a sudden he had a nerve to say he didnt like me so i kicked him out of my house i havent call in 5 weeks now.. i miss him and want him back what should i do to get him back

its been a month now i walk down the street and hes riding his bike with his homies i say hi to his friend first then i say hi to him and he looks i walk towards him and then he gave me a deep hug. he said”so u dont mess with me no more” what does that mean like we dont go together or talking to him.. i asked him” do u miss me ,just a little bit” he said yea just a little bit and smiled .. so what does this sound like 2 u

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2 Responses to “How to get my boyfriend back if he doesnt want to have anything to do with me( result)”

  1. Victoria B said :

    i say the guy sounds like a dick
    and you deserve way better
    the best thing for you is to go out with friends and have fun and forget about him
    it sounds like he was kinda using you
    so dont bother with him
    and trust me i know what im talking about
    im going through a tough thing with my ex who is being an ass and confusing me

    and by him saying that it could mean that maybe he didnt want to hurt your feelings or maybe he does miss you but i dont think he respects you at all i would say to move on
    and flirt with other guys
    there are so much better men out there in the world

  2. caleb said :

    im 13 and my gf dumped me because i moved to kauai i back in olyimpia 20 minutes away from reves weere she goes to school u might know her the names tovah but she prfers taby anyway ill cut to the chase she likes me still but not enough to be my gf please any advice would be helpful also any lonley girs 13 to12to14 need guy who wouldnt cheat if life depended on it call me 808 639 8109


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