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How do you get an ex girlfriend back that hates you and doesnt want to be with you?

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5 Responses to “How do you get an ex girlfriend back that hates you and doesnt want to be with you?”

  1. SweetMochaJoe said:

    buy her a unicorn

  2. mallary21 said:

    Try and give her some space.
    Maybe get a ‘new’ girl and make her jealous.
    Bit if she hates you and is stuck-up, leat her goooo

  3. yadiggit said:

    if she hates u like u said then theres no point in trying to get back with her.. trying too hard will sometimes push a girl away.. so keep ur space and dont try too hard.. maybe u should talk to other girls infront of her and see how she acts but dont make it seem like ur doing it to make her jealous

  4. Adam B said:

    I know the feeling that you are going through, as I have experienced it myself.
    There are a few things you must figure out before you answer your question.
    First, why does she hate you?
    Second, why does she not want to be with you?
    Obviously if you really want her back, you are going to have to realise the answers to those questions and correct your problems.  
    If it has only been a few days since the break up, you have to give her some time away from you.  I’m not talking about 1, 2, or even 3 days, I am talking about 3-4 weeks of no contact.  Just give her space.  
    Trust me, I was in your position once before and I called and texted her hundreds of times over the course of the first week of the break up.  I only makes the situation worse and makes you look like your obsessive.
    After you give her your time, be confident in yourself and show her what she has been missing out.  The reason she left in the first place was because you did not appreciate her.  Women love appreciation, and if you do not make them feel loved and appreciated, they are going to leave.
    If you have any more questions concerning getting back your girlfriend, visit  I have a blog dedicated specifically to men that are having girlfriend or wife problems and want to get them back.  Visit the Contact Me page on that site and feel free to email me if you do not find any answers.
    -Adam B.

  5. AlkalineDietDetox said:

    Leave her alone. Time will tell and she will realize what a good thing she missed out on. Get a new girlfriend. That will set her teeth grinding. Read this book for ideas at


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