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What are some ways to get an ex girlfriend back?

We were going out for almost 3 years. I should have treted her better than I did. I didnt realize what I had util I lost it. She doesnt want to talk to me at all, or hear from me. What should I do to get her back?

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21 Responses to “What are some ways to get an ex girlfriend back?”

  1. Maria R said:

    That’s why she’s an EX!!!

  2. Preva said:

    Well you can always start over. Or ask for her back and treat her more nicely and explain yourself.

  3. Rob said:

    not .. get a new girlfriend

  4. kelii465 said:

    Right now, there is nothing that you can do. All you have to do is give it time and leave her alone. You bothering her will only push her away farther, which you don’t want to do. Just give her some time.

  5. DMB.girl said:

    Treat the next girl better.

  6. ? said:

    apologize and take her a big bunch of red roses

  7. Suchness said:

    find another girlfriend.

  8. notimportant49 said:

    you should leave her alone, and try to bang as many girls as possible. it will make you feel better, and you’ll realize that there are thousands of fish in the sea. you treated her like a dick once, you’ll probobly do it again…why not start over fresh with someone you havent wronged already.

  9. **TexasChick** said:

    give her time. and space. talk to her

  10. [email protected] said:

    send her a letter saying how you feel an that your realy sorry an that u didnt mean anything that u did or sayd if u still dont think that it might not work an shes like realy mad at you then just ask 2 b friends an wait for thing to get better between u guys

  11. Danielle said:

    Wait a few months or even years and stay in touch. Maybe later you both will realize that you’re ready for each other. Many relationships and marriages out there come out of breakups and re-hookups after they haven’t seen each other in years.

    But DON’T be a stalker. If she doesn’t want you around or talk to her, don’t.

  12. ms.marvelous51 said:

    i would say only if you think you are ready to be more mature than talk to her express what you are thinking and feeling. let her know that she is everything you were looking for and yes you made some mistakes but we are human and now you realize things better and she is what you want. if you can tell her exactly how you feel then im sure she will take it into consideration. you have everything to gain and nothing to loose. give it a try you will never find out if you don’t voice what you think.

  13. brad h said:

    Look there are billions of people in this world. Don’t try to fix something your broke just get a new one!

  14. greekdude247 said:

    Stand outside her house at night, hold up a stereo above your head and play your love song… naaw I’m just kidding. I think you need to move on. If you didn’t treat her well than she shouldn’t be with you. Men need to treat women with the most care.

  15. omegajb85 said:

    If you want her back then leave her alone. Sounds odd I know but if you are constantly trying to get her back by calling her and professing your undying love for her she will see you as weak and unattractive. Don’t contact her in anyway for at least a month. After being together for 3 years she will at least sort of miss you. After a month or whatever time you think she needs maybe give her a call and ask her if she wants to go to lunch or something. She might tell you no…so be ready. If you make it this far then go to lunch with her and don’t you dare mention getting back together. You have to get her to want to be with you without you having to beg. Show her that you have changed for the better. Actions will always speak louder then words. Show her that you are ok without her and don’t need her but still really care about her. If you do this right…in time, and it might be a long time, you can gain her trust back and she might come back to you. Good luck to you man…just don’t hold on too long if you can see its not going to work.

  16. Zenex said:

    My friend girls are like eggs in a carton. Once u break em u don’t need to go back and try to fix em coz thats too hard, and breaking em again is easier. So what do you do? take the next one in the line 😉
    And if u get through 12 theres always the shops :p

  17. Casey L said:

    call her and tell her how sorry you are. and go over her house and give her roses or sing to her or write her a poem. nice romantic things 🙂

  18. Hope L said:

    Well you should tell her you really want to talk to her and say its important and it wont take long tell her how you feel about her and say your sorry you didn’t know how much you liked her till you lost her. Hopefully she’ll listen and understands

  19. Barker said:

    it depends on how you broke up who finished it and weather shes moved on,, tell her the truth send her flowers and go to her house , don’tt stalk her and never call her more than 4 times in one day ever!!! if shes ignoring you ask a friend who knows her and is quite close to tell her and try to talk to or be overheard by people who would tell her that u are sorry and everything !!#

    if that doesnt work then get over it and stop bothering her give her space and she may come arround

    hope that helps x

  20. EB33 said:

    I would say depending on what you did. Send her some flowers with a note saying your sorry and would like to try again and let her know that your giving her some space so she can think. The next move is up to her and what to see if and when she contact you if she don’t you need to move on.

  21. Guy said:

    Do you think she still love you?
    Do she still text or call you once a while? If yes, you still has chance to get her back. But you need a good plan and action. I can help you.

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