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how do i get a girlfriend back that i have been dating on and off?

i have been dating this girl on and off for 2 years and now she likes me again but doesnt wanna bf. how do i change that?

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3 Responses to “how do i get a girlfriend back that i have been dating on and off?”

  1. S0ULjAS WiFEY :] said:

    lol date other people, srsly. not to make her jealous but to catch her attention. show her that you could easily get someone else if she doesn’t step up to the plate :]

  2. Kasi said:

    Show up at her place with nothing on, knock on her door and ask her if she has any nails this size, while pointing to your dick

  3. Eric said:

    Sometimes you can’t change this if the girl isn’t interested in a committed relationship. But the best advice I have for you is to not be needy, show her an amazing time, and don’t be her “lap dog.”

    Also – women are jealous creatures (we all are) – so if she is treating the relationship casual, you should too. And if she happens to hear that you took another girl on a date, that would actually work in your favor, she will be afraid of what she might lose.


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