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Wat are some ways i can get my boyfriend back without pushing him away?

I want to get my ex boyfriend back but i don’t want to push him away.. i fell in love with him and i don’t know if he feels the same about me. We just recently broke up and i want him back soo bad. Can somebody please help me

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5 Responses to “Wat are some ways i can get my boyfriend back without pushing him away?”

  1. Big L said:

    My ex has been getting me back for years. You text him, make sure he’s not with anyone, give him the whole “Im not happy without you” kinda vibe. Ask to hang out somewhere private, but very low key. (not like the movies or a date spot) then when you are together, build up the sexual tension, then you’ll have to ask for him back. It helps if you tell him everything he wants to hear and that you’ll stop at nothing to get him back.

  2. maybe this will help said:

    Don’t try, because you can’t. He has to want to be with you. If he likes you, he will tell you. If he doesn’t tell you, then, he doesn’t like you, and you should go and find yourself someone else.

  3. marisu132 said:

    never go back. if it didn’t work the first time it’s not going to work the second or third. move on to the next or stay single.

  4. Boyorgirl N said:

    dont do that,or you will hard hurt yourself again

  5. peace peace peace! said:

    give him some time. it’s too early to get him back. just wait until he gives a hint that he still have feelings for you then go get him back but if nothing at all, then u have to let him go, and take your time. I’m sorry to hear about that but you’ll be okay.


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