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Wonder how to get a bipolar boyfriend back?

Yeah how can I? I really do love him and he loves me we’ve been friends for almost 2 years, and have feelings. He doesn’t show it, but he gets really jealous when I’m around other guys. ”I joked about havin someone new which made him very silent” I’m asking too much here! >< he is bipolar. I usually don't do this. He's my first true love too.

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2 Responses to “Wonder how to get a bipolar boyfriend back?”

  1. Eta said:

    Why do you want to date someone who is bipolar?

  2. awesomeforensicsgirl said:

    Being bipolar does not have anything to do with personality. It is a mental illness, that causes some changes in mental function.

    He has a right to be upset. What you said was very hurtful. He obviously had feelings for you. Unless he gets possesive, he has a right to get jealous. He doesn’t deserve a girlfriend who jokes about being with other guys. He also does not deserve a girlfriend who blames things that she does not like about him on his disease.

    He deserves a more understanding person. If you truly loved him you wouldn’t say such things about him.


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