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What are the steps to getting an ex girlfriend back whos been out of your life for awhile?

i love my ex gf and im jw if theirs any steps to getting a girl back u like…

she likes someone else and they might date

so im just gonna wait and make her come to me…she knows how i feel, and ive sent gifts and stuff

Any other pointers without saying moving on?

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9 Responses to “What are the steps to getting an ex girlfriend back whos been out of your life for awhile?”

  1. ♡❤♥ℓİv€ İn Łø۷ℓ♥ღ♥♡❤ said:

    do it and hurry

  2. Tazzian said:

    1. send

  3. Johan W said:

    No! Do not send gifts or romantic junk. If she wants to test the waters by dating some other guy, she will feel like she has to get rid of you because you’re not letting go.

    You want to stay in contact though. Girls love to talk to anyone about anything. So fine: be her friend. Talk to her about whatever she wants to talk about. Do NOT cling to her. Make it seem like you’ve just moved right on with your own cool life! Have a sense of humor about everything, and just be happy.

    Here’s what will happen: She will see what a great guy you are becasue you DON”T necessarily need her. You just like her. As soon as the other guy makes a bad move, you’re right there out in the wings, being cool. And she’ll come straight to you to talk about the problem with the other guy.

    That’s how I would play it. Friendly, happy, successful, and just not clingy because remember, YOU’RE the prize.

  4. indigo-74 said:

    i agree with johan excellent answer

  5. Mark Mignet said:

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  6. Jo said:

    Here is a great website on how to get your ex back. Check it out if you want to:

  7. fawn said:

    I wouldn’t send gifts. A letter, a card, a note that’s cute. Anything more is pushing it and pressuring. If you hurt her understand you hurt her and she may be very slow at getting close to you again. Wouldn’t you want someone who treated you better if you were hurt. This is if you dumped her. So gift wont work that’s artificial, being a good friend to her will POSSIBLY. Allow her to like someone else and let it go naturally. Be there for her and be her friend that’s the most you eally can do. Be understanding and not pushy. If she’s been out of your life for awhile I’m sure she still thinks of you, we all think of our ex esecially if we loved them.

  8. Dave said:

    I understand exactly how you feel. I read a blog earlier that talked about getting your ex back. It was all about making them come to you, instead of begging.

    I’ll leave the link below for you to read. I hope this helps.

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