Can someone give me tips? How to get my ex boyfriend back or how to forget him?

I’m still in love with this guy, so this is really hard. I much rather get him back.

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9 Responses to “Can someone give me tips? How to get my ex boyfriend back or how to forget him?”

  1. ? said:

    try girl dont give up on love

  2. trans341 said:

    I’ve been trying for four months and still nothing.. If you find out, please let me know.

  3. broken hart said:

    i am in the same situation i am trying to get my ex gf back…. all i can say is that sometimes you have to let them come to you and just hope the do. i thought mine was the one…. but we will see

    all i can say is dont give up and the lord takes care of his flock

    hope it helped best of luck

  4. Bla said:

    Well It Would Be Easier To Tell Us Why You Guys Broke Up, But Theres Usually A Reason Why You Can’t Get Over Someone. Maybe Your Supposed To Be With Them. If You Do Try To Get Back With Him And It Works, Dont Make The Same Mistake(s) That You May Have Made Before Or Don’t Let Him Make The Same Mistake(s) He Did If He Did.

  5. IZZY (: said:

    try find out if hes into anyone else.
    if he is forget about him.
    to forget about him focus all your attention on another guy (:

    if he doesn’t well then
    just tell him upfront
    you miss him.
    want him back.
    and so on.

    or if you wanna be subtle about it.
    start talking to him
    and say that your listening to maybe one of his favourite songs or something that means something or something just called miss you on loop (: hahahaa
    i got that from a question >.<

  6. Alejandro said:

    love is tough, i know cuz i´m dealing with it myself. do what you think is right, if u think things will change than go for it but if u think things are going to be the same then let go. love is an on going battle that never quits and when it does then the love is gone. don´t let go if u love him and let him know how u feel.

  7. Shannon said:

    How’d you get him the first time?
    Maybe that’ll help w/ the second time?

    But usually something has to change for 2 people to get back together, remember that.

    Good luck=)

  8. broalex said:

    I was in the same boat as many of you here a while back, and I found this system called Pull Your Ex Back..

    Ryan Hall’s system is amazing and it gives you step-by-step instructions to get your ex partner back it’s amazing — things you might not even thought off yet..

    Get it out here:

  9. jennifer garcia said:

    yea getting back my x-bf is super hard i try but i don’t know how to tell him he knows something is wrong but doesn’t know what should i speak the truth and tell him even though he got a gf and i got a bf?


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