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How do you get you ex boyfriend back without being annoying?

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4 Responses to “How do you get you ex boyfriend back without being annoying?”

  1. Erin said:

    Send him one text, if he answers then your in, if he doesn’t then forget it.

  2. shamm said:

    By telling him one time only if you ask him frequently he may get ab-set

  3. Dementia said:

    Don’t let fear stand in the way of your dreams.

  4. Ke said:

    Hi, there are several mistakes you shouldn’t be making if you want your ex back like:
    1.Calling your boyfriend several times a day and leaving messages of undying love. The more you call, the further away you push him. Remember that if he does not return your call you could become progressively pushy and pathetic sounding with each additional call you make. This just works to show him what a sad person you were, even if you really are not, and reminds him how lucky he was to break up with you. This is especially worse if you are drunk. This goes for getting your friends/relatives to call on your behalf.
    2.The same goes for emails, text messages and instant messaging like yahoo and msn.
    3.Do not make your ex boyfriend feel guilty or bad about breaking up with you coz guilt is a negative emotion and rarely ever works, if it does, it is for a very short time, and both of you will be unhappy anyway.
    There are lots more, that I read on this website and there is a video too that explains what you should be doing, like start by agreeing with the breakup even though you don’t want it, coz it will help you heal, and get strong enough to find ways of connecting with your ex again. I know coz I was in the same dilemna too not too long ago.
    Good luck


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