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What are some ways you can get your ex boyfriend back?

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12 Responses to “What are some ways you can get your ex boyfriend back?”

  1. metal.messiah666 said:

    Talk it over with him.

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  3. Ginger said:

    believe it or not….act like u dont want to get back with him and that u dont care

  4. ANGELO1 said:

    talk 2 him.

  5. frenchi said:

    An X is an X

  6. corleone said:

    it’s a lil vague, your leaving out important parts, like why you guys broke up in the first place, this will get you a better & honest answer

  7. Alex said:

    Its his choice

  8. Hanyah said:

    Depends on whether or not he is worth getting back.

    Seriously if he was that good a person , you two will never had broken up in the first place.

    There are a number of factors you should consider, before getting back with the ex?

    For instance can the issue that tore you apart be discussed and resolved and forgiven. Also both of you have to willing to put 100percent in to make it work this time round.

    All in all approach with care, communication is the key

  9. Austin said:

    I am sorry but being a guy I cant answer this until I know what happened, you have to give more details than no details at all. It all depends on the mentality of the guy, the situation, the mentality of the girl, how the relationship was before, and if its really worth it to either of you to get back together.

  10. jmaz_5 said:

    It depends on the circumstances as to why he is your ex-boyfriend. More often then not, exes have a tendency to remain ex.

    Be careful what you do and how you do it, for example if you two are not speaking, don’t try to act as if all is well. If you speak and that is all, you do not want to jump right into a discussion about why you broke up.

    You ex may not want to get back together, he may have moved on and could be dating. That could be difficult for you, but if it is, do not attempt to force anything. If that is the case, then you will have to find someone to spend time with and not think about your ex. Best Wishes

  11. kaligurl said:

    You need to stay busy. Do not call or text. Act like your world hasn’t ended and you are moving on with your life. If a holiday rolls around, MAIL (traditional mail) a holiday card and keep it light. Do not text or call. The cards will let him know you still view him as a special person to you but you aren’t going to play games. After at least 3 months have past, if he callsyou (not texts-do not reply to any texts cuz’ that’s lazy and requires zero effort), answer the call and be direct about the kind of relationship you want. If he maintains that he doesn’t want that with you, wish him all the best and ask him not to contact you again. If he wants a platonic freindship, CLEARLY tell him that isn’t a possiblity because of your feeling for him. Tell him you are protecting your heart and won’t just give it away to someone who doesn’t want what you want. Again, wish him all the best and leave him alone. This is the only way to get your ex back.

    He may date other girls. In time, if you have made your feeelings clear and have clearly told him the kind of relationship you want (even if it means telling him you want marriage and kids)…he will contact you and reconnect if it is supposed to be. If he does not do so, you need to accept your feelings for him, learn from the time you and he shared and immediately begin dating other men.

  12. Stephen said:

    I guess depends on why you two broke up and how severe the consequences of the break up were… If he has already a loving gf, it will be hard, and perhaps unethical, otherwise give it a try. If the breakup was due to some misunderstanding, try to resolve it by discussion; if it was your fault in some way, try saying sorry, don’t let your ego stop you… Well, I don’t know if it works or if there is any simple formula for resolving what is broken; if there is, I would want to know myself… I had breakup with a few friends in the past (well, not gf, just friend) may be due to misunderstanding (and it was not entirely my fault), I tried saying sorry and stuff for months, didn’t work (they just make an opinion about you and want to stick to it, doesn’t want to listen anything)… It feels bad, sometime really really bad, but people move on, thats the way things work… I know it is too bad (and perhaps I sound a bit pessimistic), but thats the way life goes; even if you want, you can’t always change what is already done… (A glass breaks easily, but it is very hard to make it normal again). I wish you succeed in resolving your problem… It has been a while in my case (some 6-7 months after I quit saying sorry even though it was not exactly my fault), but still I would be happy to be her friend again now, she just need to let me know that she wants to be my friend once again… I wish, your bf thinks the same way… Anyway, best of luck…


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