How can i get my girlfriend back?

My girlfriend of 2 years just left me (i just bought an engagement ring and she doesnt know) She thinks i cheated on her but im 100% sure i did not. How can i get my amazing girlfriend back? I leave for the Marine Corps in a month, so any fast advice would be very much appreciated.

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4 Responses to “How can i get my girlfriend back?”

  1. girlygirl8 said:

    even though you did not cheat on her, there must be reasons why she thought you cheated on her. did you flirt a lot with other girls? spend alone time with one girl a lot in particular? were you being flakey all the time? were you lying to her? were you making excuses? were you being distant? were you ignoring her? its probably one of those reasons that she thought you were cheating on her. whatever the reason is, you need to talk to her and fix it!

  2. HEYBABY said:

    your fucked i would say ?? lol
    but just tell her the truth and give her the ring and if she doesnt accept it forget her

  3. mary g said:

    she probably don’t want you cause she is very afraid what she will be going through when you go in the marines so 4get about it

  4. Rolly said:

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