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Girls!!! How do I get my ex girlfriend back? Guys can answer too?

I’ll give u some background. We used to date for about 1 year and 3 months. This was a long time ago probably like 2 years ago. We didn’t have a bad breakup because we r still the best of friends. I am one of her closest friends and she is my closest friend. I really care bout her and love her. How can I get her back?

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4 Responses to “Girls!!! How do I get my ex girlfriend back? Guys can answer too?”

  1. Cayyy said:

    Just tell her the truth- that you have feelings for her. She might have the same feelings as you especially if you guys are good friends.

  2. Bryndis said:

    It really depends on her too, if she isn’t interested then she isn’t interested. Find someone who likes you back.

  3. Lakota said:

    Its hard to say without knowing why you split up, seen as your good friends you should tell her how you feel and go from there. If you split for a reason then you need to work on that, if nothings changed then i wouldnt bother trying.

  4. Neil said:

    This page will tell you exactly how to do it my friend!

    Good luck,


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