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Help me girls! Whats the best way to get my ex girlfriend back?

My guess is she just wants some space for now. We have been together for a really long time and we talked about getting married alot. There has been alot of changes going on in her life for the past few months, with her family and stuff, so im thinking she just maybe needs some time to her self right now. She says she still loves me, and we still talk some. Should i just leave her alone for a while and let her have some time to herself?

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10 Responses to “Help me girls! Whats the best way to get my ex girlfriend back?”

  1. Quincie said :

    leave her alone for a couple of days to a week probably then try to call her and ask her how she is doing and stuff like that

  2. annonymous;] said :

    yea. i went through that phase before. trust me. it always gets better. if it is as bad as you say you should just ask her if she needs space but let her know that you are their. if she needs you. to help her you have to be steady, calm and supportive but most of all understanding. if you guys relationship is going well then she isn’t tired of you, just stressed. she needs a break from all the drama. giver as much as she needs. whens shes ready shell come back. during that time you should think on how to make things better and what works and what doesn’t

  3. david l said :

    I’m not an expert but I know this great site that might help you out…but I tell you to listen to her and maybe get a couple of tips from this site. Good Luck!!!

  4. Jeff H said :

    Anytime someone’s behavior changes drastically it’s almost always a tell tale sign of something bigger. Let me tell you, people are very strange. We say one thing and do another, and when we are upset we usually punish those closest to us the hardest. It’s human nature, but how you act in these sensitive times and how you make her feel will be remembered for years to come. The worst thing you can do is smother her in any way. You should be there for her, but give her alot of space. I don’t mean be cold to her or act crazy, just be calm and cool and go do your own thing. Go to the gym, do something productive and don’t text or call her, allow her to deal with what she needs and don’t just come running to her. It’s a bit difficult to explain in full detail here, but there is a better explanation in my resource section.

  5. Just a Guy said :

    Hey, my girlfriend once told me the exact same thing, that she needs more time. Sorry man but it means you just broke up (at least it meant this in my case). But I managed to get her back and we are together since then. Have a look at my complete story on my website:

    Good luck man, i have been in your shoes and I know the horrible feeling.

  6. Dave said :

    She says she wants time to herself, but anyone who’s going through problems with their family needs some support. Especially from someone they love.

    I think you should stay by her side. I read an article earlier that explained how you can get your ex back. I’ll leave the link below for you to read.

    I hope this helps…

  7. Mark Mignet said :

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  8. Jo said :

    Here is a great website on how to get your ex back. Check it out if you want to:

  9. Kevin Gaskin said :

    Hi James,

    Sounds like she might just need some space, but if it is more serious than that you better have a PLAN in place or you will push her away forever.

    Have you been:
    – Promising her you’ll change
    – Sending her flowers & gifts
    – Assuring her that you love her
    etc etc

    STOP IT! This is the WORSE possible thing you can be doing. It hasn’t worked and it wont work and will push her away more.

    Check out the link below for some great info on how to get your ex back.

    Good luck

  10. Jennifer Garcia AKA Gummy bear said :

    well if you really want her back then you should chase after that gurl. But if she dosen’t show any interest than you should leave her alone and move on. find someone else that actually shows an interest and loves you


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