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How to get your girlfriend back?

If your girlfriend broke up with you because she was depressed, not because it was a crap relationship but because she suffers with depression, how could you get her back??

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4 Responses to “How to get your girlfriend back?”

  1. i love him forever said :

    go to her, call her baby, buy her roses, hold her, tell her she is your everything no matter how depressed she is make her feel more alive..

    help me?;_ylt=Aj6l3734ebFnjmmiafSxvgHD7BR.;_ylv=3?qid=20090621121535AA0xPJ4

  2. jennyvilla66 said :

    awww i have the same problem but mine is a a girl
    well give her roses.take her out love her.treat her like ur princess and ur only one good luck =)

  3. Lexa said :

    People that suffer from depression respond to kindness, care, love and compassion. If taken the wrong way people may push you away rather than deal with the situation front hand.

    Your girlfriend is going through a tough time and she needs all the support she can get. She needs more of a friendly hand than a romantic interest. Friendship tends to help those out of their most difficult times, while relationships may often tend to complicate things.

    You two need to have a conversation, not about getting back together, but about her well being. She needs the best of care and if you want the best for her you would try to help her through whatever she is going through no matter how complicated it may get. Right now she needs to know that she has someone she can count on.

    Here’s an article which gives an introduction to depression.

  4. Eric said :

    She needs to feel understood, and you need to be supportive.

    Take a look here:


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