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How do I get her my girlfriend back?

I messed up our relationship. I’ve been immature, acted jealous and controlling when I have no right to be, and basically just wore her out. I know she still cares a lot and I know she isn’t over it.

I’m not talking to her because I know she needs time to think. Is it OK to mention to her friends how much I miss her? How can I go about getting her back without overdoing it?

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2 Responses to “How do I get her my girlfriend back?”

  1. Roz said:

    1) Get in touch with her a grovel like crazy. Tell her that you messed up, tell her you’re sorry, and tell her what you plan to do to make things better.

    2) Don’t only talk about doing better, but walk the walk, in other words actions speak louder than words. Show her that you’ve changes thru your actions.

  2. iQueenShippo said:

    Just apologize. and tell her how u feel and you know what u did in the past was wrong


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