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Is there a way to get my ex girlfriend back?

My girlfriend dumped me like four or five weeks ago, and I was the cause of it, she said that she felt like she had to keep me happy all the time, and because I was bummed all the time because I didn’t have a job and stuff, but I have a job now and I’m happy all the time but I don’t know how to prove it to her. what should I do? I love this girl.

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5 Responses to “Is there a way to get my ex girlfriend back?”

  1. Emma said:

    show her that go out with someone else, and maybe she’ll see how happy the other girl is and she’ll want you back

  2. Doug said:

    call her up and talk to her

    tell her how you feel and how your life is in order now

  3. Mia said:

    Just sit down and talk to her

    Tell her how you feel

    Maybe she might take you back

  4. Aidan said:

    That’s the problem bud, you’re trying to prove it to her, so she’ll keep on not wanting you… If you stop talking to her, don’t answer her texts and calls, be totally happy all the time and anytime you do speak to her let her know your happy with everything especially the fact you broke up… It won’t be too long before she starts thinking whats wrong with her, why you don’t want her anymore etc…she’ll come running back… but really do you want someone who leaves you when things are tough?

  5. bill said:

    show her u changed. And show her u are in a better mood and tell her hwo u feel


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