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Is the best way to get your girlfriend back really by ignoring her?

I am really depressed and want her back, so is the best way to do this to make it clear that im depressed (ex not going out to parties, not acting happy ect.) or to act like i dont give a fukkkk

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3 Responses to “Is the best way to get your girlfriend back really by ignoring her?”

  1. sophie R said:

    no don’t act depressed. carry on with your normal life and ignore her. by playing games your are screwing yourself over and just looking like an mopey baby. i saw your other question good god get over her shes obviously a bitch. your attitude on life shocks me, the moment your realize how little everyone else cares about your life (they’re too busy worrying about themselves) is they moment you are confident about your life. its just one girl get over it and move on

  2. Jess said:

    acting both ways is not sure to get her back, she’d only come back if she wants to..
    But ignoring and not giving a fk works better if she still likes you a bit.
    by acting pathetic or miserable will only annoy her more and she’d think you re a wussy…I would think so too

  3. Caroline Kadaver said:

    haha wow maybe this is the problem with my ex….

    NO! how do think they feel about being ignored?

    i get pretty bitchy….

    my ex ignores me even if i get in his face about something, he smirks and walks away, all his friends tell me that he thinks ignoring me will get him to have me ask him out, but it only pisses me off!

    so nooooo.kai? =]


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