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what’s the fastest and best way to get my girlfriend back to america?

i met this girl a while back. we started dating and fell in love. in the past two months, she had to go back home to the philippines (she was here visiting some relatives for a time), because her visa expired. of course we’ve kept in close contact, and we’ve decided we want to get married. i plan on going there in may and bringing some paperwork from a company, as it will be easier for her to renew her visa if she has been promised a job here. someone told me that her waiting period to get here will only be about six months if we do it that way, and then i plan on marrying her once she gets back here. is there any better or faster way i can bring her back to america?

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8 Responses to “what’s the fastest and best way to get my girlfriend back to america?”

  1. rumblecookie said :


  2. tunavamp said :

    Get a fiance visa (K-1) and then marry within the 90 day time period. Make sure you follow all the rules and it should be very easy to take care of.

  3. slew said :

    It’s best to consult a lawer. Most people here don’t really know what they are talking about, and some make statements because they have an axe to grind. I heard it’s easier if you marry over there, but like I said, a lawyer would know best. If you get a company to sponser her, it wouldn’t hurt.

  4. america8298 said :

    Let her go
    You are committing a felony just by asking this question.
    This is a short term correct answer because Yahoo will delete my answer out of fear that people might here the truth.

  5. China Rockz said :

    Upload her on Gmail. Its very fast and its also in America

  6. Yak Rider said :

    Work visas are only being issued to college educated professionals with skills that are in high demand. The visa process is long and expensive. It’s totally up to the business to obtain the visa for the applicant. There’s nothing you can do in the Philippines with a letter from a business.

    The only realistic way she can return to the United States to live would be for you to petition her as a fiance or spouse. This is fairly easy, does NOT require you to hire a lawyer, and will take about a year from start to finish.

    As a fiance you’d file the following forms with the Citizenship and Immigration Service:

    If you want to bring her as your wife you’ll have to fly there, get married, fly back and file the following forms with the Citizenship and Immigration Service:

    You can find the forms and their instructions here:

  7. Mildred S said :

    i’d assume by airplane. once you get her here , have you considered she may not stay ?

  8. Mamapeapod said :

    The easy option would be to marry her, to gain work visa she would need a H visa, and a form of higher education (degree), and the employer would sponsor her for that visa. This is a capped visa, so unless the company who wants to employ her can sponsor and meets the requirements themselves, she can not get a work visa.

    She will be able to work once you marry her, and she goes through that route.


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