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How do I get my old girlfriend back?

My girlfriend broke up with me a few months ago and now we are stil friends. I don’t know if she still likes me. But I want to go back out with her. Is there a way that I can tell if she wants to go back out with me or if she likes me??????????? PLEASE HELP. And how can you tell if a girl likes you, and how to get girls to like you. PLEASE ANSWER.

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7 Responses to “How do I get my old girlfriend back?”

  1. Frankee said :

    Look ‘Dr. Mark’ you need to tell this girl straight up that you still have feelings for her & that you miss/love/& want her back. there is no other way to grab her attenchion, unless your truley romantic & show her how much she means to you, how much you want her back & what your willing to do. Goodluck. take her out on a picnic at sunset?

  2. Desire Creates Power ® said :

    Well, this one is a tough one.

    If she broke up with you, then its going to be hard to get her back. If you love her, then you need to show her you love her, maybe by saying you still love her and that you want to be with her again. To be honest mate, ex’s are for a reason. I’d think you’d be better moving on, cos there is someone out there for you, you just gotta keep looking.

    And the only way you know that a girl likes you is by her body language, like the way she hangs about you or by the way she keeps looking at you.

    Hope this helped 🙂

  3. Aiko Lyanne S said :

    be yourself.
    confront the girl.
    that is the only way you’ll know.
    you can’t keep on guessing forever.
    no guts no glory.
    if she doesn’t like you back, move on with life.
    who knows what’ll happen next 🙂

  4. Naveah2010 said :

    Common Mistakes You’re Making Right Now That Are Killing Your Chances!

    Shockingly, the vast majority of what men naturally do after a breakup actually ensures they will never get back together with their ex girlfriend.

    Does this sound like you?
    Acting depressed so your ex girlfriend will feel bad for you and want you back out of pity?
    Generally being overly nice and telling your girlfriend you love her over and over again?
    Telling your girlfriend you will change and that things will be different next time?
    Buying her gifts, flowers or anything of that nature?
    Using phony, manipulative trickery such as money, kids and guilt to almost bribe your ex girlfriend back to you?
    Futilely trying to reason, argue and use logic to persuade your ex girlfriend to come back to you? (hint: women make decisions based on emotion and not logic – I will show you how to leverage her emotions)
    Doing absolutely nothing and shutting her out of your life completely?

    The good news is that women all behave in a very similar and predictable manner. Your situation is not at all hopeless. By taking advantage of very specific female psychological “hot buttons”, you can cause your ex girlfriend to want you back. It’s actually not even that hard if you know what specific buttons to push.

    You see, women don’t want what they say they want. They don’t want what movies and society as a whole has stereotyped them as desiring. What they actually respond to is in fact vastly different. Their motivations and instincts are actually much more basic.

    This is why trying to reason, use logic and argue with your ex simply does not work. Even telling her how much you care about her will not work. It will only further push her away. She just doesn’t respond to it on a deep emotional level. Her DNA is hard coded to respond to something entirely different.

    After hundreds of hours of research and personal experience, I have developed an easy to follow step by step system for getting your ex girlfriend back. It addresses a vast array of situations and tells you exactly what to do and say in order to get her crawling back to you. It is designed in such a way that she will pathetically come crawling back to you and not the other way around.

    I actually used to do private phone consultations where I would charge upwards of $125 an hour to teach this information. However, there were many limitations on using the phone to teach my students. There was simply too much to teach in such a short period of time. My students would not get the full benefit from the powerful knowledge I was giving them.

    It was at that moment I decided to provide this proprietary information through a downloadable link. This way, more men would be able to benefit from what I had to offer.

    I spent a year and four months laying out a solid, practical blueprint so you would no longer have to guess at what to do and say. I reveal all the deadly mistakes most all men make while teaching you the proper way to go about getting her back, in record speed. It’s all there, in step by step easy to follow instructions. The silver platter is yours for the taking.
    Hope my cousin’s advice really works for you =)

  5. Allen Webstar said :

    If your love were true, then it will never die and she will be back in little try.. try again.. but i need to know who left first? i mean you did any mistake or she did any mistake, whats the reason of broke up? if there is any reason.. then try to fix it soon.. if you did any mistake the apologies. Spend lot of time with her, care her.. your old love must grow again and she will come back ! good luck !!

  6. nicky b said :

    One thing you can do is pray. This is a confusing indefinite problem. There are all kinds of books on the subject. You sound like you think she is the “one” I know the feeling. I wish I knew the answer myself. Sincerity, sincerity is the key. are you really a doctor?

  7. petryaev.px said :


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