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Girls Please answer this I need your help how do I get my ex girlfriend back?

She broke up with me because I said to her friend sara that she was hot and sexy and that I got a B-oner just looking at her picture but that was true and she told my ex girlfriend then she broke up with me, and I made a huge mistake! And we are all 13.

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10 Responses to “Girls Please answer this I need your help how do I get my ex girlfriend back?”

  1. Zayna said :

    Despite her age, if she takes you back she’s an idiot.

  2. Katelyn said :

    big mistake never hit on your girlfriends friends EVER!! okay just text her and tell her your really sorry and you will never do it again GOOD LUCK(:

  3. Cupid Is Back said :

    1st ur 13 get ur educate dand stop worry bout dating
    2nd if u dont listen to one u prob aint gettin her back if u have a gf/bf ur focuse should be on on ur gf not her friend
    3rd wth is u lookin at pics of her best friend for anyways

  4. asdfghjkl;' said :

    Forget about it, you messed up big time. You’re only 13 so it’s not like you guys would have lasted forever anyways, there’s plenty of girls out there. You really don’t need to be in a serious relationship when you’re 13 anyways.

  5. Sally said :

    she shouldnt take u back

  6. Bella said :

    well…you’re 13. whatever, you don’t need her. i’m sure there will be other people, date have fun, don’t commit just yet. i mean…did you really think you guys were going to last, you’re in middle school (i think) it doesn’t work out that way.
    it’s not a mistake, it’s just something that happens. haha. just try not to make the same “mistake” with your next girlfriend….you hormonal teenager.

  7. amanda w said :

    its hard to get her back for u crossed the line,if she wasnt a friend u would of at least had a little chance

  8. i like chocolate said :

    dude ur scr3wd if my boo did that mmm u dont even wanna kno wat would happen (hes 13 too im 12) so yeah if he did that or got on mmm his face would bcum part of the ground

  9. CAPT. OBVIOUS said :

    u shouldnt get her back. unless u were trying to cheer her up (then ur fucked up) or were playing around there is no correct context for what u said. the only way to get ur ex back is to show her that ur beyond just a dumbass sexist narcissist perverted whore-monger. good luck with that cuz with a comment like that u have already sealed ur fate…

  10. Tony said :

    Your best chances at getting your girlfriend back are to let her know that you realize it was dumb to express yourself to another girl. We are all human and naturally find attraction in other people regardless of being in a relationship… however, if you value your relationship, some things are better kept to yourself.

    Let her know that even though you might think other girls are attractive, it is her (your ex) that you have real feelings for and are interested in being with.

    You need to be sure you think about how others (especially your girlfriend) will feel about something you say or do. Another way to say this is to put yourself in her shoes. What if you found out she was telling another guy she thought he was good looking and she got aroused by him just by looking at his picture. Just something to think about.

    Becareful of the kind of person that you are because you will end up attracting people to you that have the same type of personality. If you are doing things that people don’t like… you will find that the people you surround yourself with will do things that you don’t like.

    Just think…be smart… and you will be fine.

    Good luck!


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