How to get my friend and her ex boyfriend back together?

My friend made a big mistake for dumping him and wants him back but hes already dateing another gurl and i wanna help her what should she do? and me what should i do to help her out? shes really depressed and sad without him and i need something to get him to brake up with his GF??

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2 Responses to “How to get my friend and her ex boyfriend back together?”

  1. mndlrm said:

    Guys do not like getting dumped, it might be hard for your friend to get him back but it does’nt mean the situation is hopeless. What you need to be doing is helping your friend to not be so depressed as this can be bad for her health. Invite her to go eat lunch with you, go watch a movie, something fun to get her mind off of him. Don’t do anything shady to make him break up with his new girl, this will only make him dislike your friend even more. If she hasn’t apologized yet she should and then take it from there as friends, she can get him back.

  2. Jason Ray said:

    Don’t have her try and destroy his current relationship — that’s not the right way to go about things. Sure, it may work some times, but if discovered by the ex boyfriend, it’ll probably ruin (forever) your friends’ chances of getting back with her ex.

    Usually, it’s quite hard on a guy when he’s dumped, in ways that are different for girls. Guys, more often than not, have emotional hurt — like girls — but also have to deal with the blow to their ego / machismo. Sometimes, that blow to their ego is much greater than the emotional pain.

    My advice — give the guy his space. Don’t interfere, don’t try to sabatoge the relationship, but let him know that she’s interested in remaining friends. Subtly — don’t smother the guy at all. Rebound relationships aren’t usually long-lasting, and out-of-spite relationships are just pointless (because they aren’t real in so many ways). Either way, have her wait for him, let him know that she’s there, tell him that she’s sorry for hurting him, and continue living and enjoying life. Again though — don’t interfere — there’s more bad that can come out of that than good.

  3. kafita said:

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