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I Want My Ex Boyfriend Back What Should I Do?

I dumped my ex a few weeks ago and now my friend is seeing him, she tells me that she kisses him and i asked him if we would ever get back together and he just said no. I don’t know what i should do please help. Btw i’m a girl.

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3 Responses to “I Want My Ex Boyfriend Back What Should I Do?”

  1. spaethg0 said:

    Why’d you dump him? What happened to the rule where friends don’t date x’s? Of course he will say no to your question while he’s seeing your friend. But maybe it is a real no.

  2. lil ang3l said:

    W3LL FiiRST OF 4LL TH4Tz NOT 4 TRU3 FRii3ND iIF SH3 ST4RT3D D4TiiNG HiiM KNOWiiNG YOU STiiL H4D F33LiiNGz FOR HiiM…. iiTZ NoT WORTH iiT GiiRL My 4DViiC3 iiS MOV3 On 4ND TRY TO B3 H4PPy =] BuT iiF YOU R34LLy W4NT HiiM B4K TH3N TRY TALKiiNG TO UR FRii3ND 4ND T3LL H3R HOW YOU R34LLy F33L 4BOuT TH3M GOiiNG OuT =] iiT M4Y H3Lp 4ND M4K3 HiiM S33 W4T H3 iiS MiiSiiNG By NOT B3iiNG WiiT YOU… YOU K4N 4LSO TRy FRiiRTiiNG TO G3T HiiM TO KNOE YOU STiiL W4NT HiiM AND TH4T W4Y H3 M4y B3GiiN O G3T F33LiiNGz FOR YOU 4LL OV3R 4G4iiN =D HoP3 ii K4N H3Lp
    LOV3 J4ZMiiN

  3. jennifer garcia said:

    oh well i guess you want him back for the wrong reason just cuz you kno he is not urs and that he is w-t someone else thats wrong seriously man


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