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how can i get my boyfriend back sooner ?

how can i get my boy friend back to me ? how much time that gonna takes ? what is the plans i have to follow ?

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7 Responses to “how can i get my boyfriend back sooner ?”

  1. I know what I want said :

    get another boyfriend.

  2. L said :

    Get over it..

  3. the birth of tragedy said :

    all i’m asking for is a little clarity. know what you want, and then ask accordingly. otherwise you’re just wasting our time.

  4. Christophero said :

    It depends. If you cheated on him, then you will never get him back completely. There will always be a part of him that refuses to surrender itself completely to you in fear of getting totally hurt again. It’s instinctual self-preservation.

  5. BJ&Co™ said :

    it all depends on

    who ended the relationship and why.

    the best option would be to.. make him jealous.
    wear provocative clothing and/or get with someone else.

    your better than that though 🙂
    move on!


  6. Jacii said :

    Im sorry 2 say this but your boy friend might not come bak… i mean what is the reason you got separated in the first place… the best thing you can do to get him bak is be honnest… confront and tell him that you still have feelings for him… that is the only way if you want to know his feelings… then after that you can talk about giving your relationship another try…

  7. Keisha said :

    make him jealous ask a close friend to pretend to be your boy friend n always talk about him show him off to a lot of friends eventually will find out and if you recently broke up he will probably feel worse a bout it or your could change your style were more thing that will attract boys if your boy friend sees your new style if will see what hes missing out on and will start to talk to you more often n then you son will get asked out


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