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How do you get your old boyfriend back after he asks your best friend out?

I am in seventh grade. He used to like me a lot. The last time we went out he broke up with me the same day. Monday at school he asks my best friend out. How do i get him back. I really like him.
well he does like me too. My friend likes him. My friend said that he asked her out. But it turns out she asked him out. My other best friend whos going out with his best friend said hes just going out with her to make me gelous.

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4 Responses to “How do you get your old boyfriend back after he asks your best friend out?”

  1. <3вву вσσ.....χ said :

    ask his best friend out, or get it so his friend reeeeli likes you…. OR if ya ex has a relative, do the same

  2. sinned said :

    wait until you are older. you will meet many fine boys and men in your life.

  3. Destiny said :

    Well to be honest with you I wouln’t want him bac….just think about it if u say he asked out your bestfriend the next day imagine if yall go out….there’s a chance that he may cheat on you with your bestfriend and trust me that can be heartbreaking.

  4. charlotte1111 said :

    if he really loved you, he would of asked you out insted of your best friend. my advice would be to just forget about him and move on to someone that will treat you right. look for the guys you know really well and start being flirty. odds are he will start to like you and your relationship would last a while because you both know eachother well.

    hope i helped 🙂


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