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What will be the best idea to get ex-girlfriend back?

I live in India.Me and Bhumika met after 8 yrs.(In am of 18,and we were childs and best friends 8 yrs.ago) in 2004.I proposed her in just second meeting and she agreed.Dilemma arose when she called me of 14, just 2 months.I asked her to control her emotions but she always said that she can`t.Her economic condition is not good and her family went under debt.One day her parents came to know and they tried to abandon her from calling.She still did.I was studying at that time to get admission in India`s best tech inst(IITs).I am there now but slowly her calls ceased.The reason behind these is a boy whom she consider as brother.He don`t like me and hence said some lies to her about me.She hates me now and don`t wants to look my face.I tried to call her but she don`t wants to talk to me also.She don`t have phone at her home so I asked a friend to ask her to call me but she denied.I love her still and I feel that she also do.How can she forget a 13 yr.old friend?What should I do?

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One Response to “What will be the best idea to get ex-girlfriend back?”

  1. sadealz said :

    give it time and space. if it was meant to be then she will return.


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