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What’s a friendship item that my best friend and I can mail back and forth to eachother?

My best friend and I live over 2,000 miles apart from each other. I thought of this idea, to mail each other back and forth to each other. Like they did in the movie sisterhood of the traveling pants. But it doesn’t have to be jeans, if you have any ideas please let me know! If all you can think of is jeans that’s okay, but I would really LOVE some other ideas besides that.

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3 Responses to “What’s a friendship item that my best friend and I can mail back and forth to eachother?”

  1. MEOW MIX! said :

    my friend and i had a word dictionary. we would make up silly words or draw random things and put comics and so on. it was like our own little scrapbook. it was really fun!

    another thing could be a cheap film camera. like take pictures of some important events and places. them when the film is used up, get the pictures and make copies and split the copies and the originals :]

    hope i helped!

  2. Dynomite said :

    HAHA when i read your question i was thinking ‘hmm that reminds me about the sisterhood of the traveling pants!!!!!’ haha well you could do…..

    Shoes-if your the same size
    Necklace-that would be a fun thing
    Purse-you’ll always be in eachothers hearts becuase you’ll be carrying around the purse all the time!!!! haha
    Picture Frame with a picture of you guys together- You could write a small message somewhere on the picture frame and sent it to eachother and keep on writing messages….i guesss (haha im thinking hard here;])

    (sorry these are all accessories)

    well um ya just think of something u use everyday and what she uses everyday and i guess any idea like that would work (haha NOPE i dont mean a tooth brush/ flat iron/ comb haha)

    :))))weellll sista i hope that helped you!! haha fun with it!

  3. Wascally Wabbit said :

    Just be yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s good enough for someone else.


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