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whats the best way to get a ex girlfriend back you were serious with?

ok so the most common one ive heard is try and cut all communication off with her or atleast alot of it and like if you do talk to them like make it short and simple and like dont always respond to calls or texts. i guess this makes it so since your not talking to them your making them miss you and they start realizing what they lost and how it was the best thing in the world. idk maybe theres better ones. maybe it just takes time to. but any help would be great.
the thing that sucks tho is that shes been with a guy for like 7 months and getting married to him and she thinks he the best thing ever and i think that they wont last cause they rushed everything to fast. i want her to be happy but idk its also wierd cause sometimes she will tell me we will get back together and everything will be ok and other times she says we wont so idk if shes jus trien to mess with me or what but i dont want to give up on her cause i know i can be her everything.

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9 Responses to “whats the best way to get a ex girlfriend back you were serious with?”

  1. uhhuhcheckit said:

    The problem with this is that she could be doing the same thing.

    If you like her and really want to get back together with her, have a good self-reflection. Think about what went wrong with the relationship and your role in contributing to that. You may think about her actions and how you would respond in the future.

    Giving her some space would be good for both of you in that it will allow you to have some time to reflect and experience new things.

    You can call her occasionally. She might call you occasionally. All that matters is that you are upbeat and happy to hear from her when you do talk. If she gets the impression that you don’t want to hear from her, she may stop completely.

    Don’t call her often, especially initially. Given time, she may be willing to talk about how the relationship went and what went wrong with it. You should then apologize for your role in the break up and tell her that you still care for her.

    If it is meant to be, it will be. Who knows? In the time you are apart, you may meet someone even better. These things have a way of surprising people.

  2. Abdallah Y said:

    Apologize to her, and say you still have feelings for her…look man, we say them a thousand times “I love you” but they never hear a simple sorry from us… just see how happy she becomes when you apologize to her…Good Luck!!!

  3. LMAO said:

    If it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be…

  4. Pierre said:

    you should think about a little more and see if another time around is worth getting into. anyways do what you stated but dont talk to them at all and start doing stuff for yourself. if you are doing stuff for yourself then they want to get back together with you because they are comfortable with you but now you are doing more for yourself and they are attracted by that. good luck!

  5. andyallwood said:

    It is such a cliche but time is the answer.

    Although you have to think why you split up in the first place, an ex is an ex for a reason.

  6. uhhuh its me b-tches said:

    I’m in the same boat as you Theo.

    I *will* get her back though. Just don’t know how, lol.

    Either that, or find someone else 😛

    Good luck, man.

  7. spiderfan1980 said:

    I have been in the same boat for the last couple of months, my gf broke up with me. I went through a period of seeing her daily and hanging out and talking and it was a little awkward, we still lived together for a few weeks until the lease was up. It was good at the end but still weird. No we live apart and talk pretty much daily. I tried to not talk to her for a while but she wouldn’t let that happen, she kept calling or texting me to talk. In the last couple of weeks she has been reminiscing a lot about us together.

    In affect you are doing the right thing if you are not talking to her. Use this time for you to rediscover yourself and find out what you may have done to end the relationship. If you both get to talking ask her out for coffee or something easy. Just talk dont push anything and read her body language. If she leans in you lean in too. If she looks into your eyes look into hers. Then follow your instincts from there

  8. NICK said:

    find how why the break up happened..fixed everything you did on your side and be a better person, show her youve changed is key. if you broke up for a certain reason and the problems arent fixed she wont want you back that way. try and be a friend to her. playing games wont work its not worth it

  9. Jay W said:

    I think your best bet is to get some Professional advice, There’s a link below to a site I found hope that helps and good luck.


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