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IF I’m gonna give a Valentine card/gift to my crush do i just give it to her or ask her if she has a boyfriend

Or know if she has a boyfriend 1st.I rather just give it to her as i dont know.

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26 Responses to “IF I’m gonna give a Valentine card/gift to my crush do i just give it to her or ask her if she has a boyfriend”

  1. mzchinky said:

    Give it to her, it’s worth a shot!

  2. ryan b said:

    just give it to her and tell her that this gift to you means more than anything else then turn around and leave

  3. okwhatnow said:

    Yeah, I’d just give it to her. It’s going to be a little uncomfortable no matter what, first thing she says after she gets the valentine. You might as well not contact her about it in advance.

  4. Ansomnia7 said:

    you should ask her to be your valentine and give her some of those cute heart candies. Then talk to her about something

  5. Raheem said:

    Give it to her and see what happens. Either way at least she will know how you feel.

  6. breadclothingline said:

    hm just give it to her and hop she wont reject you or claim she felt bad cuz she already has a man or ask around and see what the people say

  7. Steven C said:

    Give it a crack. The worst you can get is a slap across the face. LOL

  8. dma said:

    give it to her. that is very nice.
    unless her boyfried is a big guy on the wrestling team with a temper….then you should maybe back off.

  9. DOGnPONYgirl said:

    Just do it. Who cares if she has a boyfriend. She’s not married! You might just change her mind.

    Best of luck!

  10. Somewhere I Belong said:

    Haha I think it would be funny if you got humiliated. But if I was you then it would suck. I’m a girl so I can’t give you advice on these weird guy things but common sense would lead me to say yes, ask first as to not make enemies with her boyfriend (like the kind of thing that would happen in movies lol) or to not offend her. Good luck, don’t get humiliated.

  11. Mathiusoo7 said:

    Just give it to her if it’s not too intimate. If it is very intimate, and she Does have a boyfriend…that could be akward.

    But asking her first, then giving her the card is less romantic.

  12. chmar11 said:

    Just give it to her.

  13. Kim W said:

    I’d never pass up an admirer! One fellow wrote me to the best looking snobbiest gal at the U of M. I still have it!And yes I had a boy friend.

  14. Lacedwithjill said:

    If your not sure about her relationship status, it might be better for you to give it to her annonomously…such as dropping it in her locker, bag, books,etc. That way you won’t get down if she does have a boyfreind. If your not so willing to let her know, definitly ask her…but dont just come otu and say it…bring it into the conversation casualy..and DON’T act too clingy like your interested, until she gives you the answer you want to hear.

  15. lickdafoot said:

    Give it to her and maybe in the card ask her =)

  16. societies whim said:

    ask her out somewhere first other wise u will look sketchy…
    i wouldn’t recommend a first date on vday but its up to you and how much you like here but for sure its worth a shoot good luck!

  17. joseph bass said:

    give it to her make her happy i think +) i do not know much about this kind of stuff but i give sameone samething if i had one

  18. Maggie56 said:

    Just give it to her and see what happens.

  19. Indigo said:

    Give it to her. It’s up to her how she responds to receiving it.

  20. jonathan c said:

    Actually, you shouldn’t ask her if she has a boyfriend or not; just find time afterschool and give it to her and say “i love you” to her. Even if she has a boyfriend, she still won’t be mad at you; if you asked that question, then she would probably dump you. She will think that you are jeleous of her boyfriend. If she says she can’t accept it, then just say “it’s ok, but i hope we’re still friends”. And i don’t think her boyfriend will be mad at you either if you don’t ask her about her boyfriend; just keep things simple, and become friends with her boyfriend. No one says you guys still can’t be friends^_^

  21. aquarius8746 said:

    just give it 2 her…if u ask it’ll make the moment awkward

  22. desherma said:

    You should just give it to her. It is better to have given it to her and get rejected, than to go on not knowing what could have happened. Besides, no, is the worst thing that could happen..

    good luck :p

  23. classyandcute said:

    You should just give it to her. Then if she really, really likes you and if she has a boyfriend maybe she’ll dump her old boyfriend for you.

  24. im hiding said:

    well you have a cruch on someone that you know nothing dont even know if she has a bf.i guess just give it to her.but how can you have a crush.

  25. dks123queen said:

    i think you should find out if she already has a boyfriend if she does it will be akward for and her so find out if she does forget about or stick in her locker or in an area where she can find out. if not go straight up to her tell her how you feel give it to her and watch for her expression
    smile= willing ot go out/ get to know u betterr
    frown= already asked by others/ has boyfriend
    expresionless= doesnt want to/ has to think about it

    hope this helps


  26. I_LOVE_JOHN_CENA_4_LIF3 said:

    If i were u i would give it 2 her, bc lets just say that gurl dosent have a bf, and she could fell the same way about u. The only thing that might happen is that she may already have a bf, but u could change her mind about her bf!


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