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Do you think counter intuitive letters work for getting an ex girlfriend back?

I saw alot of advice saying that writing a “contradictary” letter basically saying the opposite of how you feel like” Im cool with the break-up, take care.” is productive as opposed to begging and calling when they dont want to talk to you. It makes sense. people realized what they lost when they dont have it anymore. It can work both ways sometimes right?

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9 Responses to “Do you think counter intuitive letters work for getting an ex girlfriend back?”

  1. spam_free_he_he said:


    Honesty work a lot better.

    You’re suggesting that manipulation and mind games are the answer.
    Truth is, trying games like that will simple exacerbate the problem


  2. Samwise Potter said:

    That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. If she broke up with you it’s probably for a good reason, and lying about it won’t bring her back. Just deal with it, and if she wants to talk you can just be honest and hope things work out for the best.

  3. MattyD said:

    Winning an ex back, is incredibly touchy. Its one thing if you broke up over something small. In any case, if she still feels like she hasn’t had closure yet, you in better shape. She will probably still talk to you, face-to-face contact works best. Working on being just friends for the moment. Put her in situations where she interacts directly with you and less with other things. Think back to how you won her over the first time and adapt it to this time.

    Begging vs saying you done too, is a little pointless. Avoid talking about it and instead show you have moved on, not by telling. Don’t try and make her jealous.

  4. yipyap said:

    It’s hard and usually a waste of time getting an ex back, it rarely works second time round. I did read a book i found online once called how to get your ex back and it was quite good because it pointed out all the things you should do which were basically (as you put it) contradictory.
    It pointed out that you should improve your appearance, dress well, socialise a lot and make the ex see that you were doing well without her/him. This had the added advantage of helping you forget you were saddened by the break up and helping you get back into dating again! Try it!

  5. Biggs said:

    Your gambling with hearts, which is foolish. Time fixes things. the best thing to do is not make the effort to write a letter. if you think the break up is cool, why write about it? Seems foolish doesnt it? Honestly if you wish to play games, stop talking to her, dissapear, if she calls or write she is thinking of you.

    if you play games to get her back, you never really learned the lesson. she isnt with you for some reasons, why not embrace the reason why it ended and Fix them? show her that you can fix them and be the guy SHE wants you to be.

  6. livelaughlove88 said:

    No, playing games just makes it worse and why would you want a relationship based on mind games anyway?

    Being honest and upfront is the best way to go and if that doesn’t work then maybe it just isn’t meant to be.

  7. Stargazer said:

    Not a great plan, the first response was great, but along with that i’d have to add Time. What i mean by that is do nothing, give it time…don’t lie and don’t smother neither will make for great results. What she needs is time and space to think, she’ll either never call again and you’ll have to accept it and move on, or with time she will decide she wants to take another stab at it, but leave the ball in her park.

  8. schartz said:

    PLAYING GAMES GETS YOU NO WHERE, NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP OR OUT. B e honest with her to get her back say your sorry man up

  9. Kak said:

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