How can I get my pisces ex girlfriend back?

I dumped my pisces girl several months ago due to the fact I thought she and her family weren’t good enough for me. I admit I was a shallow bastard. However, I miss my princess so much. How can I get her back?

I’m a capricorn btw.

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10 Responses to “How can I get my pisces ex girlfriend back?”

  1. * The last star * said:

    tell her exactly that, you were a shallow b*****d and that your really sorry and dumping her was the worst thing that has ever happened and you havent been able to stop thinking about her. Then if you live near a beach write it in the sand and show her or do something romantic, like dinner.

  2. lea said:

    I believe it will be difficult for you to have a lasting relationship with a pisces girl. Why not leave her be and try to find someone with a aries,capricorn or leo sign even a hard working cancer would do better.Pisces changing mood and too much pay attention to me style will never suit a capricorn man.Find another princess you would be happier

  3. say that again said:

    Did you tell her why you dumped her, cos if you did, then it will be even harder to earn her trust a second time around, cos in her mind, you will seem fickle and will just hurt again for a different reason in the future.
    When you talk to her, just apologise sincerly and make it up to her ALOT !! You owe her that much. And try to be as truthful as you can without doing any more damage.
    We, Pisceans are very sensitive and don’t trust as easily as some think. The reason why we are quiet is not bc we lack focus or bc we have nothing to say and are, (to other signs) considered “boring”. We are not quiet for Do you get what I’m trying to say?
    Good luck !

    Pisces 🙂

  4. [email protected]!3 said:

    Capricorn’s have really strong personalities, so they sometimes come off as rude to someone with a more sensitive personality, such as pisces.
    The good thing about Cap/Pisces relationships is that they are usually not to bad of a match.
    And Pisces forgive easily. Do something romantic,seeing a Pisces is a romantic sign.

  5. Brittany said:

    Aaw, the Grinch has a heart. Lol.

  6. ? said:

    shoot stupid cap… i hear ya… you regret huh?
    I am cap but you are so selfish seriously
    tell her honestly you miss her more than anything.
    but don’t say to her her family isn’t good enough.
    just say you were jerk and you want her back!

  7. ~~)-(~~ said:

    well im a pisces girl and my advice for you is to be honest. Tell her that you felt shallow and be apologetic. You could have really hurt her by even thinking her family isnt good enough, becuz no one is perfect dont judge her by her family or her in general! The thing about pisces is they do not like being judged as it will put us in a slump =[. Its the worst feeling to be judged and even worse when the results arent good… very apologetic and mention what you did just now…you saw the error of your ways through the time you guys were apart and you have realized you were a shallow bastard for even thinking that and would like to make it up to your pisces princess. Pisces can be very forgiving….depending on their moon and rising lol. give it a try!

  8. kmkbabie said:

    all im gunna say is if you really want to be with her and you think that she really like you alot and you would want to make things work no matter what and not break her heart again than this might work. it dosent take that much to be in a good relationship with a pisces. all u gotta do is treat her like the princess she deserves. tell her the truth and spill ur heart out. make her know that she the one for you only! if it dosent work then just ignore her. pisces hate being ignored and if that dosent work then it will never work. soo by then u would of already been ignoring her and you can just move on. otherwise good luck. =D

  9. Aramina said:

    Tell her that were were a shallow bastard and admit to all the mistakes you made and how much you screwed up. And why you have turned over a new leaf. Groveling goes a long way with us. Then do something super romantic. Don’t just buy her something. But do something that requires a little planning and thought. We really notice when a guy puts thought into something.

  10. REAL M3N said:

    Have you heard yourselves?

    What an absolute load of crap you people are talking. It don’t matter at all what your star sign is… it’s nothing but ancient mystique and holds less credence than the Gods turning the sun out on a night just like a little bedside lamp.

    To the asker, I would have told you how to get her back, but since you’re the type to believe in all that star sign crap, you ain’t a real man, and my superior knowledge would be wasted on you.


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