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good first date/ valentines date things to do?

they got together today, but they have liked eachother for a few weeks. anyway, theyre both kind of quiet/geeky/emo type, and we also need valentines gift ideas. please help us!
theyre both 15

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2 Responses to “good first date/ valentines date things to do?”

  1. <3 :) said:

    Stay home and watch a movie, thats what me and my bf are doing 🙂

    answer mine?;_ylt=At2iS36dc6SUIkRgmeq.5Qvsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100129134602AAYSAoa

  2. Snake said:

    a concert.
    dvds at home and a pizza.
    video games, break to get coffee and nibbles, then meet up with friends.
    go hike and take a picnic.
    go to the beach and eat at a nice little place by the sea.
    go to the movies and dinner.
    drive to a moutain ridge with thermos, food, and a map of the sky.

    there are plenty of things to do.
    depends on your budget, on your ability to move (transport)….
    the best thing is just to spend time with the person…
    valentine’s day is a little overrated, esp for first dates…

    as for gifts, i think it is a bit early…. but i’d suggest something small and practical…
    a single flower?
    a bamboo shoot (keeps real long)


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