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Is it a good idea to have a first date on Valentines day?

do i have to give her something? what?

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14 Responses to “Is it a good idea to have a first date on Valentines day?”

  1. Mary Valenza said :

    great idea. really romantic! and yes, red roses, chocolates… be creative!

  2. fumblesocks said :

    i think its a cute idea. you could give her something, like a rose.

  3. dropdeadgorgeous said :

    yeah it is,you should bring her a single rose. Nothing too extravagent but it is still really special. Good luck, and i hope it goes well.

  4. Sbean said :

    Just get her a card! A thoughtful card =)

  5. Mrs. Randle said :

    aww yes bring her like a flower or something

  6. samantha said :

    it’s valentines day and if it’s the first date you should probably keep it simple and go with flowers it doesn’t even have to be a dozen long stem roses i’d honestly just say go with flowers maybe a small bouquet of carnations they smell good i say flowers because if you go with chocolate or something you don’t want her to just toss it in case she doesn’t like it or eat that kind.

  7. rhemz said :

    no not a good idea.

  8. ladystang said :

    if you want
    not if you don’t want to

  9. Nox4fake1s said :

    yeah i think thats cute

  10. Love Hewitt said :

    that is sweet 🙂

  11. jean n tha front row said :

    how nice to have a first date on valentines day. give her a box of candy, a rose and a card. go to dinner to top it off, good luck and happy valentines day.

  12. Go Steelers!! said :

    If you are taking her out on Valentine’s Day that is enough to give……you paying for the date. If you want to give her something, buy a small box of chocolates just to kick off the love holiday hype. Other than that, like I said, going out is sweet enough. Be nice to her and respect her and its okay to be flirty and compliment her. Just dont do or say anything out of line or over the top. Oh yeah, of course it’s fine to have a first date on Valentine’s Day; it might be perfect if the two of you end up together. Good Luck Hun!

  13. Shirley Canela. said :

    Of course it is. Very romantic. You should but it’s much more special if its something you made. 🙂

  14. qwerty said :

    I think it’d be really cute! You should give her a big chocolate heart!


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